Efficient Denture Repairs in Penarth, Glamorgan

For quick and effective denture repairs, choose our experienced company. With more than 40 years of experience, Penarth Denture Laboratory & Clinic Limited has the skills and knowledge to provide you with emergency denture repairs. Whether you need a quick replacement, or a new tooth adding, we’re more than qualified to help. We’re also able to take a look at high-quality dentures, including models by Enigma and Vitallium.

Penarth Dental Laboratory

Express Repairs

We understand that people don’t have a lot of time during the day, especially when something unexpected happens. That’s why we always aim to have dentures repaired in 30 minutes, wherever possible.

Out of Hours Service

As well as our office hours, we also have an out of hours service. This is great for when you need work doing at an hour that other dental labs wouldn’t be open. We strive to serve you as effectively as possible, and this means being there when you need us.

Penarth Dental Laboratory

Strengthened Denture Repair

When repairing your denture we’re able to add a stainless steel strengthener to the acrylic. This makes your denture stronger and less likely to break again.

Tooth Replacement

Whether you’ve lost or broken a tooth we’re more than capable of replacing it. The new tooth is perfectly matched to the original shade and mould.

‘While You Wait’ Service

We’re happy for you to relax in our waiting room while work is carried out on your dentures.

For further information on our emergency denture repairs, contact us, in Penarth, Glamorgan.

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