Attractive Prestige Dentures in Penarth, Glamorgan

For the best dentures in Penarth, Glamorgan, choose Penarth Denture Laboratory & Clinic Limited. As well as being highly functional, these Enigma and Vitallium dentures look great and perfectly match your natural teeth. If you’re looking for high-quality dentures, from leading retailers, choose our professional dental services today.

Penarth Dental Laboratory

Enigma High Base

This is one of the best dentures aesthetically, and it’s also one of the strongest. The features of these dentures include:

  • Excellent Flexural Strength and Impact Strength
  • Reinforced with Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Particles
  • Exceptional Long-Term Colour Stability
  • Smooth Micro-Particle Formulation, Resistant to Plaque Retention

Enigma Colour Tones

These colour tones give the natural gingival tissue the perfect appearance.

Aesthetics & Set Up

Our Prestige Dentures are set-up on a state of the art semi adjustable articulator, creating the perfect anatomical structure. Precise natural detailing, contouring and stippling produce a flawlessly unique true to life appearance and feel of authentic realism.

Penarth Dental Laboratory

Finest Quality Teeth

  • Ivoclar SR Phonares II
  • Enigma Life
  • Myerson Special
  • REF - LINE

Vitallium 2000 Plus CoCr

  • Superior Strength
  • Smaller, Lighter, Partial Dentures
  • Excellent Adjustability
  • Fracture-Resistant
  • Resistant to Plaque Build-Up
  • Nickel and Beryllium Free
Penarth Dental Laboratory

Prestige Extras

Implant Attachment Work (All Types)

  • Clear Side Plate
  • Crystal Clear Clasp
  • Gold Clasp
  • Gold Teeth
  • Permanent Soft Lining
  • Crystal Clear Palate
  • Define Palatal Rugae
  • Precision Gum-Fit
  • Prestige Tray with Dry Coat Sealant

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